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The Laying in certified work doesn't exist

Spectacular Company,

recently we are talking about Setting up the window WITH CERTIFICATION OF CONFORMITY, we want to confirm that:


Whoever speaks about Laying in certified work knows well of lie!

In 2012, the word QUALIFIED POST was born: the choice of the term "QUALIFIED POST" is related to this! The pose was not certified! Most qualified!

Let's explain the whole thing:

Product, system and people certification methods are subject to specific Italian (UNI), European (EN), international (ISO) standards.

These documents specify in summary the following:

Conformity, conformity of a product, process or service to specified requirements (ISO / IEC Guide 2-1996)

Is intended for certification, a procedure by which a third party (in turn certified / notified to do so) provides formal assurance that a product, process, service, personal competence complies with requirements established by technical rules (compulsory certification) and / or technical standards or equivalent documents (voluntary certification) - (UNI EN 45020 - Glossary Terminological Accredia).

This definition essentially implies that, to activate a certification process, there are:

  • Specific rules or technical standards, or equivalent flow documents;
  • What is the real product, system or personal competence of the product, and can be tried to document it?
  • Whether a certification body (system, product or personnel) is specifically accredited / notified for this role and scope of activity;
  • That this body monitors and issues specific certificates of compliance.

In the specific case of window installation systems and processes, note that (at the time of writing this document) there are no specific rules or technical standards that will enable standard certification certification paths.

As regards the skills of installers, at the date of writing this document, there are no specific rules or technical standards to enable personnel certification paths.

That's why there is no possibility to talk about Laying in certified work UNICMI, Trade Associations and Consortiums are all united in want to disseminate the same information according to the regulations.

Profilati Brescia Sistemi srl, as always, for transparency towards their customers informs this in order to avoid confusion and spread false information.

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